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Premium soy sauce 1L

TK 640
SKU 6948505400038
Unit Litre
Origin China
Brand Weidamei
Stock Quantity Available

Product name: Premium soy sauce

Net content: 1L
Gross weight: 1.27 kg

Amino acid nitrogen ≥ 1.20g/100ml (according to the standard of GB 18186-2000, soy sauce with amino acid nitrogen ≥ 0.80g/100ml can be called special grade soy sauce)

Ingredients: water, non-genetically modified defatted soybeans, wheat, edible salt, white sugar, sodium glutamate, yeast extract, 5'-inosinic acid disodium, tripotassium glycyrrhizinate, sucralose, etc., in product packaging Actual information shall prevail.

Shelf life: 24 months

Storage method: cool, dry and ventilated place

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